Commercial Bin Cleaning

When it comes to Commercial Bin Cleaning we mainly come across three main sizes. 240ltr, 600lts, 1100ltrs Regardless of the size Cheshire Cleansing cleans them on-site where they stand.

Commercial Bin

Commercial Bin Sizes

Benefits of commercial wheelie bin maintenance

  • Help create a safer & cleaner work environment for your employees.
  • Prevent spreading diseases (eg. E-coli & Salmonella).
  • Prevent insects, flies and vermin (rats and mice) from wanting to enter your bins.
  • Improve the presentation of your business to your customers and staff.
  • Help meet your local water board regulation for water drainage requirements.

With all our Commercial Cleaning contracts your monthly cost is dependent on bin size, regularity of service, accessibility, the number of bins at the one location and type of industrial application.

Frequency of cleans

We recommend Regular cleaning of your four wheeled paladin bins or two wheeled wheelie bins.

It not only works out cheaper to have a monthly service it is highly unlikely that your bins will remain clean and free from bacteria any longer.

We can offer one off bin cleans these are priced on average across the UK at 3 to 4 times the cost of a regular monthly clean.

We prefer not to clean bins on a one off basis as we firmly believe that effective hygiene management can only really be carried out where there is a regular bin cleaning service.


Bin storage areas

Bin storage areas are often as dirty & unhygienic as the wheelie bins themselves.

Our professional, deep cleansing and disinfecting process can be extended to completely clean your bin storage periodically, keeping it fresh, clean & rodent free.

On either 6 or 3 month rota.


With cleaning contracts in place that get re-new`d year on year.

Working for 5 different local authorities we clean commercial bins all over from Sheffield student apartments out to Wrexham even on the isle of Anglesey for caravan park owners.

Please call or use our contact page to give you a firm quote and to assist with your decision.

With all other services that we provide, We work hard to deliver a price that is attractive and allows you to keep your commercial bins hygienically clean and smelling fresh in the workplace environment.

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